We started Regular Radio during the lockdown ’20 because we missed the faces that make our days. Nowadays we’re not in lockdown anymore (thank god), but it’s still a great way to get to know the guests by Jarmusch even better than the countertop relationship we already share.

Navigating the story of our guests using a personally curated playlist we uncover who they are, what brought them here, and what tunes they were listening to on the way. How better to get to know someone than through their favorite songs.
Music is the language of us all!

podcast host: owner Ruben Venema
producer/editing: head-chef Mike Everling


September 2021
This month on Regular Radio we are talking to Tijmen Meijer. One of the brains behind hospitality hotspot de Biergarten Rotterdam. Tijmen gives us a little insight into how he came up, how he stays sane, and what he listens to. Still, waters run deep…
E18 Regular Radio with Tijmen Meijer



**’cause we’re not in lockdown anymore, it’s a bit busy – therefore we decided to upload podcasts once a month or so**



Juli 28th, 2021
We invited Elder Sousa to this episode: guitarist, DJ, Music Lover & Nice Guy tells us all about growing up in the ever-changing Rotterdam.
E17 Regular Radio with Elder Sousa




June 16th, 2021
This week Paul Toorop graces our studio with his presence. We get into his love for music, food, family, and how you are never too old or set in your ways to change course
E16 Regular Radio with Paul Toorop




June 2th, 2021
For episode 15 we invited Man met Bril a.k.a. Paul Sharo talks about his life and how Bruce Springsteen has always been the soundtrack ever since he was a young boy growing up in New Jersey (USA).
E15 Regular Radio with Paul Sharo




May 11th, 2021
This week we were invited to record the podcast at ‘Time is the New Space’
Our guest, Jorn de Vries is known for many things (Operator Radio, DJ resident Biergarten Rotterdam,   Enough Magazine etc..) by many names. Find out how this digital designer is leaving his imprint on the city.

and about Wu-Tang!
E14 Regular Radio with Jorn de Vries




April 27th, 2021
Our next guest needs no further introduction. Gijsbregt Brouwer: trendwatcher, speaker, author, owner De Buik van Rotterdam of podcaster and so much more!! Tune -In!
E13 Regular Radio with Gijsbregt Brouwer




April 13th, 2021
This week in Regular Radio we invited Ashley Kalila from the podcast; ‘Ashley Praat Met‘. She talks about her art, her podcast, covid struggles, and her love for the hospitality.
E12 Regular Radio with Ashley Kalila 




April 7th, 2021
For episode eleven we get to know Mike (aka Sykes), the singing head chef by Jarmusch. He tells us all about how he stayed out of trouble, got into music and cooking. Check out his recently released EP ‘We and Us’ on Spotify.
E11 Regular Radio with Mike Everling




May 18th, 2021
This week in Regular Radio Ben Lobos. This Scotland native was born with ambitions that send him all over Europe and straight to the top of the cocktail world.
E10 Regular Radio with Ben Lobos




May 3th, 2021
For episode nine we invited regular, father, writer, and thinker Sander van Leeuwen. In addition to his work for the central government, Sanders cherishes a love for performance art and even gives a taste of what is coming.
E09 Regular Radio with Sander van Leeuwen




February 10th, 2021
This week Eelco Straathof is a guest in the podcast. We know Eelco from projects such as Blijdrop Festival, Contra Music, and Container Bar Noord, but we learn what brought him there and what the future will look like in our beloved city Rotterdam.
E08 Regular Radio with Eelco Straathof




January 27th, 2021
For episode seven we asked Sarah Burger to be a guest at Regular Radio. Her parents have been prominent figures in the nightlife of Rotterdam and the artists’ path was born for Sarah. As a bonus to a super fun conversation, Sarah plays her first single ‘Liefdeslied’ live at our podcast!
E07 Regular Radio with Sarah Burger




January 20th, 2021
This week Fanny Rüter is a guest at Regular Radio. After a road trip through The States, Fanny found in by Jarmusch what she was homesick for. We talk about family, her life goals, and that the 80s were eventually a good time for music.
E06 Regular Radio with Fanny Rüter




January 13th, 2021
We had an interesting talk with Christiaan Willem den Ouden better known as Freddie Mercure. This party organizer turned DJ and true regular has a lot more up his sleeve than just tunes and party!
E05 Regular Radio with Freddie Mercure




January 5th, 2021
This week it’s Bart Soldaat’s turn to join us on Regular Radio. Bart is a musician in heart and soul, but the furniture making profession seemed to pull him away from his passion.
E04 Regular Radio with Bart Soldaat




December 30th, 2020
Joy Struijk has been a regular by Jarmusch since its opening. Her day job as a hospitality marketing consultant at PR agency Today’s Special  is only one of the many facets of this young lady’s life, that has been pushing her towards theater from a young age.
E03 Regular Radio with Joy Struijk 




December 23th, 2020
This week on Regular Radio we talk to filmmaker and photographer Frank van ‘t Hof. Music has been an integral part of his life that has seen him all over the globe and why covid got him into optometry with  Blick Brillen.
E02 Regular Radio with Frank van ‘t Hof




December 16th, 2020
For the first episode Daryl Lieuw-On, co-owner & founder of cocktail-pub The Rumah Rotterdam, music lover, and father shares his story and favorite tunes at the table.
E01 Regular Radio with Daryl Lieuw-On