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Do you like pancakes? Yes, of course, you do! Pancakes are the perfect breakfast, brunch, and/or lunch food, all fluffy and delicious. These golden discs are topped with fresh passionfruit compote, roasted coconut flakes, and vanilla cream – a tropical combo to brighten up your day!

Need that summer feeling? Order the Aloha Pancakes for €12,-

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A little sweet, a little spicy, a lot of comforting flavors. Slow-cooked pork belly pineapple chili glaze, thousand island sauce, and lettuce will meet in the golden embrace of a brioche bun. Served with tortilla chips & sour cream dip on the side. Does this not remind you of your own Luau?!

Only in May, you can order the Luau Pork Belly Bun for €14,-